Take Down the Israeli Flag


We Jewish people internationally appeal to Jews and Jewish organizations around the world to remove Israel flags from communal spaces, whether at Jewish schools, Jewish Federation offices or synagogues. It is clear to us - and much of the world - as the reports of B’Tselem and Human Rights Watch have demonstrated - that the Israeli State is an Apartheid regime and therefore, as international law correctly confirms, it is an ongoing crime against humanity.


The government of Israel, since its start, has been determined to totally subjugate or remove the indigenous Palestinians from the land they’ve lived in for centuries. The Jewish supremacist state of Israel is deeply discriminatory and necessarily violent towards Palestinians who naturally resist oppression and expulsion. Israel logically allies itself with Far Right and Anti-Semitic forces even though this endangers Jews worldwide. That may seem astounding, but these noxious alliances have long been the practice of the Zionist organizations that worked to create Israel.


It is increasingly important for Jews to distinguish between Judaism and the State of Israel and its policies. By featuring an Israeli flag prominently in our communal institutions we permit anti-Semites to believe that our interests are inextricably linked to those of a state whose policies we abhor.


The Israeli flag has the status of the Confederate flag.


We are appalled at the idea that it represents us.


It should be taken down.



Initial Signers
(college or organizational mention for identification purposes only)


Elizabeth Aaronsohn
retired professor of Teacher Education, Central CT State University


Benjamin Balthaser
member of Jewish Voice for Peace


Marcia Bernstein
retired social worker
MSW from Hunter College, NYC 



Daniel Boyarin
Taubmann Professor of Talmudic Culture, UC Berkeley


Prof. Haim Bresheeth
Professorial Research Associate
SOAS University of London
Author of: An Army Like No Other: How the Israel Defence Forces Made a Nation


Judith Butler
Professor and author
UC Berkeley


David Cannon
Chair of Jewish Network for Palestine


Robert Cohen
Jewish writer on Israel/Palestine
MA student at Lancaster University


S. Cooper
Translator of Yiddish


Judith Cravitz


Merav Devere


Dr. Harry Feldman
Cobargo, Australia



Sid Frankel

University of Manitoba



Judith Fieldstone

Chevy Chase. MD




Joseph C. Gerson (PhD)
Campaign for Peace, Disarmament & Common Security, Cambridge, Massachusetts


Sue Goldstein
Artist and activist, Toronto
International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network-Canada


Tony Greenstein

Vice President, Brighton & Hove Trades Council/Unit
Brighton UK


Stanley Heller
Host of "The Struggle" Video News


Henry Herskovitz
Biological Jew
anti-Israel activist; member, "Witness for Peace"
Ann Arbor, Michigan USA



Steve Krevisky 

CT Peace and Solidarity Coalition 


Bernice Laschinger


David Letwin
Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
Rutgers PTLFC AAUP-AFT, Local 6324


Michael Letwin
Former President, Assn. of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW 2325
Jews for Palestinian Right of Return


Rabbi David Mivasair

Hamilton, Ontario



Seth Morrison

Jewish Voice for Peace



Sarah Plant
Composer, Activist with immigrants' organization NYC



Susan Pashkoff

London, GB



Vivienne Porzsolt

Jews against the Occupation Sydney


Karen Pomer
co-founder, Jews for Palestinian Right of Return, and
granddaughter of anti-Zionist Bergen Belsen survivor.


Roland Rance


Ned Rosch
Recently returned from working in Gaza


Margaret Ratner Kunstler
Human Rights Attorney


David Rothstein
Stamford, CT


Richard Silverstein
Publisher, Tikun Olam


Michael Steven Smith
Co-host, Law And Disorder Radio

Inbar Tamari


Norman Traub

Leigh on Sea, Essex

retired NHS (National Health Service) Consultant



Dr Philip Ward
Retired - Sheffield


Dr Rodney Watts member JNP/JVP,
signatory JJP chairman www.campain.org
Lives near Gateshead, NE England


Julie Wornan
Retired computer professional
climate activist living in France


b.h. Yael
Artist/Professor, Toronto
OCAD University 


 (40 initial signers)


If you are Jewish [religiously, culturally, by birth, heritage, etc. ] and you'd like to sign on as a supporter of this statement:
1) send an email to mail@thestruggle.org with message
"I want to sign on the 'Take Down the Flag' statement".
2) Add your full name and a line of identification (profession, or activist group, or college, or general geographic location, etc.)


More Signers:

Wendy Brown

UC Berkeley 


Alex Nissen
Specialist Trauma Counsellor 

Feminist Lesbian Human Rights Activist 

Israel Australia


Miranda Pinch

Hampshire UK


Dr Jo Tulloch

Retired Social Worker & PSC member

Brighton, UK


Diana Neslen


Ilford Essex England


Helen Martins
Retired editor, UK
Second generation 


 Shlomo Dowen

Active Citizen 

(Nottinghamshire, England) 


Ron Mendel

retired senior lecturer in International Relations and Politics

Bristol, UK


Elizabeth Morley

Aberystwyth , Wales


Wieland Hoban

Composer and translator

Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East (Germany)


Andrew K. Liberman
Social services case manager



Judy Favish



Simon Korner

Labour Party 


Jonathan Bellos 

Brighton UK 


Rosalind Levy

South London, UK


Sylvia Finzi


London, UK 


Iris Hefets 


Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East



Justin Dobbins

Marxist-Leninist & Communist Activist

Queens, New York 


Gabriel Hagai

Orthodox Rabbi

 Paris, France 

Peace Activist, and Member of many International Interfaith Dialog Organizations 


Yosefa Loshitzky

Professorial Research Associate,

SOAS, University of Lonodn 


 Richard A. Levy, 

founding attorney of Levy Ratner

a P.C, labor and civil rights law firm


Nirit Sommerfeld

Israeli-German actress, singer, writer, activist  


 Sonya Levene

Member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians 

Member of Na'amod

Member of Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign 


Dr. Hadas Leonov

Board member of the "Jüdische Stimme für gerechten Frieden in Nahost"

 (Jewish Voice for Just Peace in the Middle East)



Ana Ratner

Hudson Valley, Sculptor, Creator of The Other Almanac


Fran Bartkowski

professor, Rutgers University-Newark, 

and/or Montclair, New Jersey


David L. Mandel,


human rights attorney

Active member of Jewish Voice for Peace, 

Democratic Socialists of America, 

California Democratic Party Central Committee


Sam Weinstein

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network 



Michael Kalmanovitz

signing on behalf of the 

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network UK


Robert Rosenthal

Member, Jewish Voice for Peace


Suzanne Nobel
Master's Student Hispanic Studies, McGill University 


Laura Schielfer
Co-Founder, Plant the Land Team
Total Liberation Campaign Director, Institute for Critical Animal Studies 


Bernard Spiegal




David Mario Comedi, 

Physicist, Professor, 

National University of Tucumán and CONICET, 



Caroline Finkelstein

International civil servant, Retired

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network



Nathan Finkelstein

Director, Research and  development, Retired

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network



Elizabeth Berger MD

Child Psychiatrist

New York, NY


Roger Tucker

Editor/Publisher One Democratic State 

Born Jewish but not tribal



Robert Kirchner, PhD
Associate Professor

Dept. of Linguistics, University of Alberta (retired)


Wolfe Erlichman

Independent Jewish Voices 

Kingston, Ontario, Canada


Stuart Soloway

member Jewish Voice for Peace

Somerville, Ma


Lucía Pizarro

Rabbi at the Jewish Liberation Theology Institute

Hamilton, Ontario. 


Claudia Chaufan, MD, PhD

Associate Professor
School of Health Policy and Management

York University

Toronto, Canada


Cathy Gulkin

Documentary filmmaker

Toronto, Canada


Noam Perry

Researcher at   investigate.afsc.org 

American Friends Service Committee

Jewish Voice for Peace


Karen Platt

JVP member
Albany CA


Henry N. Lowi
lawyer, law professor, anti-Zionist


Mark Cramer

France and USA

Author of Old Man on a Green Bike: Chronicles of a Self-Serving Environmentalist


Mitch Bollag

Concord, North Carolina


Ruth Fruchtman




Rae Abileah, Kohenet
Ordained Jewish Clergy
Beautiful Trouble
Member, Jewish Voice for Peace


Jan Galkowski

retired statistician, test engineer
active quantitative ecologist and amateur bryologist


Miriam Meir

Human Rights Activist. 

Calgary, Canada


Dr. Sheila Delany

Emerita, Simon Fraser University

Vancouver, BC, Canada


Elizabeth Block

Toronto, Canada

Member of Independent Jewish Voices


Tracy S. Feldman

Associate Professor of Biology

St. Andrews University

Laurinburg, NC


Marty Rosenbluth

Immigration and Human Rights Attorney

Jim Haber

Unceded Ohlone territory 

aka San Francisco Bay Area 


Tanya Ury
Jewish by birth, artist and writer, 

allied to The Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East, 



Harold Shuster

Independent Jewish Voices - Winnipeg

Winnipeg, MB Canada


Cheryl Gaster, LL.B., C. Med

Human Rights Lawyer (Retired)


 (100 signers)


Sylvia Cohen

Jewish Network for Palestine  (JNP)


Ellen Isaacs

retired physician,

 member JVP NYC, co-editor multiracialunity.org 


Ellen Cantarow

New York City

journalist and longtime writer on Palestine


Helga Mankovitz

Member of Independent Jewish Voices

Kingston, Canada


David Skulski

General Manager

Peretz Centre for Jewish Culture


Elsa Auerbach 

Professor Emerita

University of Massachusetts Boston


Marty Roth

Emeritus professor, 

University of Minnesota and IJV-Vancouver


Ruth Matilsky

Highland Park NJ

Member of Jewish Voice for Peace

Member of an egalitarian havurah


Leon Pulsinelle 

Jewish Voice for Peace, 

Central NJ 


Marion Munk

Piscataway, NJ

Retired Visual Arts Professor, Middlesex College


Elias B. Trout
Brandeis University Class of ‘21


Michael Levin  



Rabbi Brant Rosen




Mika Wisnefsky
student Connecticut/London


Jamie Pagirsky, MPA

Homeless Outreach Worker,



Andrew Shapiro

New York, NY

Member, Jewish Voice for Peace

PhD Candidate, The Graduate Center, CUNY


Alan Meyers

Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics

Boston University School of Medicine

Jewish Voice for Peace Health Advisory Council

Palestine Advocacy Project

Cambridge MA USA


Ronda Cooperstein

Retired prison librarian 



Zach Kerner

Attorney, New York


Marc Siegel

Professor of Film Studies

Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany


Mocha Jean Herrup

Jewish Voice for Peace Boston 


Rabbi Michael Lerner

Editor, Tikkun Magazine   

Chair,  The Network of Spiritual Progressives  g

Rabbi,  Beyt Tikkun Synagogue-Without-Walls in S.F. and Berkeley, CA


Sarah Plant

Immigrant rights activist, Composer


Zachary Sklar

Writer, New York


Deidre Radford

Vice President

Red Rock Democratic Club

Las Vegas, NV 


Nancy Stern

Associate Professor

The City College of New York, CUNY


Leslie Goldberg

Henderson, NV, USA


Michael Sappir,

Leipzig, Germany


Noel Hamel

New Malden, England


Jonathan M. Lohnes

PhD Candidate 

Cornell University

Cornell Collective for Justice in Palestine


 Ann Jungman 

author, London


Sylvia Cohen



Jenny Kassman
Labour Party
London, UK


Riva Joffe
Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility
Jews for Justice for Palestine


Micah Bazant


Berkeley, CA


Judith Cravitz 

Jews for Justice for Palestinians


Jordan Reznick, Ph.D.
Faculty, California College of the Arts
Member, Standing Up for Racial Justice, Bay Area


Richard Wagman
Honorary President,
French Jewish Peace Union
(UJFP - Union Juive Française pour la Paix)


Jacques Bude
Professor emeritus
University of Brussels


Jeremiah M. Gelles, MD FACC

Brooklyn, NY


Didier Samain
University Professor (Paris, France)

 Michael Nagler
The Metta Center for Nonviolence, Founder and President 


Robert E. Lerner

Professor Emeritus of History; Northwestern University 


Benjamin Mordecai Ben-Baruch, Ashland OR

Former curriculum writing fellow, Melton Research Center of the Jewish Theological Seminary

Former principal, Adat Shalom United Hebrew School (United Hebrew Schools of Metro Detroit)

Former principal, Temple Beth Jacob, Pontiac MI


(Dr) Ron Witton
Austinmer NSW 2515


Haskell Musry.   

Darwin Australia

member of Jews Against the Occupation  (JAO)


Martin Munz


New South Wales



Michelle Berkon 

Sydney Australia 


Alisa Gayle-Deutsch


Toronto, Canada


(148 signers as of 6/3/22)